For the past several years I have been engaged with the transformation of plants into colour; the slow accumulation of which is a practice in peculiarity and persistence whereby the mundane processes of planting, gathering, tending, or simply watching and waiting become micro moments for immersion, reflection and ecological empowerment. Processes which, over time, have shifted my practice beyond the curiosity of ancient technologies and nature itself to being more about a certain kind of quietude.

Characterised by simplicity, repetition and abstraction, my practice has become a kind of homeopathic mechanism that resembles the process and gestures of its making. Through slightness, exploration of mark making and the employment of democratic materials such as paper, cloth and the artists’ book, my intention is to carry an essence of this relationship to environment that 'con-spires' with plants in celebration of the quiet and undramatic.

three images of a small handmade book, one wrapped in cloth, one opened up like a fan, one being held to show edges of pages
traces of us are here, 2021. Artist’s book. Rowan bark/iron dyed cloth pocket. Digitally reproduced botanical colour samples on watercolour paper. 11x8x6cm (7x12x2cm)
hands holding small book capsule containing handmade watercolour samples
to bend or to turn, 2022. Artist's book. Tri-fold leaflet and insert, dyed cotton, paper capsule, paperclip, watercolour samples handmade from materials grown or collected in East Lothian, 9 x 9cm