Skills & Experience
  • RSA Annual Exhibition, 2023
  • Third Culture Collective: ON THE SPOT at the Whitespace Gallery, 2023
  • SEQUENCE at the Touchstone Gallery, Washington DC, 2023
  • A Hint of Salon at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, 2023
  • Artist for the Edinburgh Collective events 2023
  • Production Designer for Haud Yer Wheesht Theatre Company 2023
  • Organiser of the Sculpture Party 2022
Project description

My art practice as an exploration of boundaries. It is a contemplation of the being both present and absent of rich in-between space of nostalgia, memory, temporality, and fragility of these connections.

I am influenced by my own personal experience of growing up between cultures; between south America and the UK. However, I intend for my installations to be a warm, welcoming and sensitive environment for the viewer to be captured in this still space of time, not necessarily attached to a specific place. Quite literally, the title ‘Saudade’ has no English translation and therefore is the base of building a poignant space that suggest familiarity and interaction, but at a distance, like an otherworldly land. It is both an emotion and statement that relates, but does not translate into the joy and melancholy of yearning; things, places, people, and memories.

To achieve this, in Saudade: an untranslatable yearning the use of raw and complimentary materials has been essential. The contrast of steel with the vulnerability of glass blown footprints (You[voce], Eu[I] and Voce[you]) as a barrier between the real and the remembered. The temporal symbolism of sand, and shadows, and lights, as a material in themselves, since they are constantly shapeshifting mediums. The surreal environment is complemented by the SUBSTATE soundtrack as a further time-warping and immersive element.

The installation is intended to be a subtle threshold of memories, and how interactions and connection are intertwined with these fragile experiences. Still Connection is a further reminder of the familiar and distant links of communication and timelessness.

My intention with my Saudade series is to create a surreal set suspended in time, that is a subtle but immersive reminder of fragile interaction and relationships we have with different places all intertwined with nostalgic aesthetics.

Entre (in pink)

steel, hand-dyed pink sand, blown glass

featured in the RSA Annual Exhibition 2023

Entre (in pink), hand dyed sand, blown glass, shadow, steel, 2023
saudade series, steel, blown glass, sand

collaborative sound piece by Lucia Sheppard and Pagan Mckenzie for graduate show space

Lucia Sheppard

Saudade: an untranslatable yearning