My work is inspired by the "Evocative Object", which can be interpreted as the object that has the effect of evoking memories, such as letter, postcard, photograph. I interviewed some people around me and found that people are used to storing their evocative objects in different containers, such as boxes and drawers. For the owners of these evocative objects, these objects full of memories are very private, so they are not willing to share with others.

These containers storing memories and evocative objects hidden inside give me some inspiration. I try to design part of the container as jewellery. When this part is used as a container, it can store the precious memories; When worn as a piece of jewellery, it allows precious memories to be with the wearer. Besides, the memory is hidden on the back or inside of the jewellery and will not be seen by others.

The whole jewellery collection is divided into two design directions. The first direction is designed for four specific interviewees. According to their different evocative objects and containers, I designed their own memory containers for them. The second direction is for general people. The collection features three minimalist containers, each with a portion that can be worn as a piece of jewellery, and which is often unexpected, to add some fun to the process of opening the container. In addition, the jewellery piece is a detachable structure, and the memories hidden on the back can be replaced, so that people can put their precious memories into this jewellery piece.

I hope my works can arouse people's emotional resonance. Making the objects with precious memories valued and, more importantly, remember the stories behind them.

COLLECTION Ⅰ: Memory container for specific people

My four interviewees told me the stories behind their evocative objects. According to these stories, I designed a memory container for each of them. Part of the container can be worn as a piece of jewellery, and their precious memories can be hidden inside or on the back.

A pendant designed for Guhua hidden in a wooden box
A brooch designed for BINCHEN hidden in a drawer
A brooch designed for MIN hidden in a tin box
A ring designed for HUI hidden in a lacquer box
COLLECTION II: Memory container for people in general

I designed three memory containers for a wider audience. One part of each container is a piece of jewellery. These three memory containers can bring unexpected fun to the audience when they are opening the container. Besides, the memory on the back is replaceable, and people can change their precious memories.

A ring hidden in a silver box
A necklace hidden in a silver box
A brooch hidden in a silver box
Skills & Experience
  • 10/2019 The National Museum of Scotland, "Bark Cloth" Design Project
  • 09/2018 The Asia Network Beyond Design Exhibition
  • 03/2017 The cultural and creative product design project in cooperation with Swarovski and Shanghai Oriental Pearl
  • 10/2016 The maternal and infant product design project in cooperation with The University of Rotterdam
  • 01/2015 The portable office product design project in cooperation with 3M corporation
  • 11/2014 The redesign project of abandoned leather in cooperation with ACHETTE corporation