An Underwater Journey (Where Am I?)
'The Very Noisy World'

My picture book 'The Very Noisy World' is about social difficulties and emotional struggles that are caused by Noise sensitivity.

As someone who struggles with noise sensitivity since childhood, I feel a strong desire to raise awareness on this issue.

Through this picture book, I hope to raise awareness of Noise sensitivity by depicting what it feels like to those unfamiliar with this topic and to connect with those coping with Noise sensitivity.

It's better when the waves are over
It's better when we cherish moments in time
INNIS & GUNN Limited Edition Can Design


* Hot Air Balloon: Happiness, freedom, euphoria

INNIS & GUNN logo as hot air balloon, meaning that this drink will bring you Joy.

*Semicolon in ‘Cloud 9’ (CL;UD):

Semicolons are often used by authors when sentences are not finished. In this design’s context, it suggests never-ending happiness. Although everlasting happiness is almost a Utopian ideology, I intend to create a sense that this happiness will last forever (at least during the time of this limited edition)

The Gradual Change of Day Time: The change from day, evening to night of the design is continuous as it is wrapped around the circular body of the bottle. Depending on where the user looks at the design first, it still illustrates the daytime change as a continuous cycle. This is combined with Cloud 9- the name of this beer, meaning everlasting joy. This is my intended message to the beer drinker, wishing them long-lasting joy each day.  


INNIS & GUNN Packaging Can
INNIS & GUNN bottle design
INNIS & GUNN bottle design
INNIS & GUNN Limited Edition Bottle Design

*The Color of the Sky and Sea changes gradually as you drink*

If this bottle packaging design is to put into production, the print material is translucent for the sky and sea. 

Therefore, the movement of the beer can be seen through this translucent design. 

Innis & Gunn pride its brand on its high quality - the refinement of their flavored crafted beers. 

Through this design, I hope the drinker will drink slowly, therefore taking their time to enjoy the scent and taste of the beer by interacting with the bottle design.

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