Project description

The project is a creative video studio located in Shanghai. An increasing number of people record some activities in their daily life and upload to their social media platform these years in Shanghai. Most of them have not learned how to make videos and can not find a suitable place to shoot and edit videos. So, the project turns an abandoned old warehouse into a creative video studio that provides equipment, video courses, private studios for both vloggers and the public.

The design concept of the project is from ‘frame finder.’ The shooting process can seem like the extension of the frame finder. I would like to reflect the shooting process into space. So I have designed the three-dimensional openings on the walls, which give people different views of the shooting scene. 

Everyone is in the videos when they are in this building. 

Everyone can be both the video creator and audience in this building.

Main Space-Communication Area
Site-Minsheng Road Granary

Minsheng Road Granary is located in an old warehouse complex along the Huangpu River in Shanghai, built around 1910. After 1949, Minsheng Road Granary is operated by Shanghai Port Authority. Now, the building belongs to Shanghai East Coast Company. Nowadays, most of the warehouses in the Minsheng Road warehouse complex have been renovated or leased to art companies, and only two are left unmodified. Therefore, the building needs renovation and needs to retain its industrial historical value.

Site photo

1. Entrance. From the entrance of the building, people can see the shooting area on the first floor, which can arouse visitors' interest in filming videos 
2. Communication area. Visitors and vloggers can take about their video ideas, share their experiences, watch videos together, eat and drink something. There is a void above the communication area so that people can have contact with the people on the first floor. 
3. Photo area. Some small photo booths for visitors. 
4. Shooting area. This shooting area includes some movable walls. People can use the movable walls to divide the space into some private rooms for shooting. There is a three-dimensional opening on the wall, and glass is added to solve the sound problem. 
5. Double high shooting area. Mainly for vloggers. This shooting area can be turned into a closed space when used. 
6. People can shoot from the upper level to the shooting area 
7.8. Exterior shooting area and roof garden. Face to the Huangpu River. Good view for exterior shooting. 

Ground Floor

The open space in the middle of the building is reserved on the ground floor as a communication space (mainly composed of a bar and curved seats in the middle). The interior walls are added around the ground floor to serve as kitchens, dining rooms, and meeting spaces. There is a photo space on the northwest corner of the ground floor to attract tourists.

Ground Floor
Main Space Plan
Main Space Section AA
Main Space Section BB
Bar Area

There is a curved bar in front of the stair seat, with a brass shelf above. There are some three-dimensional openings on the walls of the kitchen and dinning space. People can have a viewing to these space from the shooting area.

Bar Area
Main Entrance

Visitors can enter the building from the main entrance. They can see the shooting area on the first floor. They also can see the open space of the communication area on the ground floor. Visitors can take some photos in the photo area, then go to the bar and communication area to chat with vloggers.

Main Entrance
Kitchen and Dining Room

There are movable walls connecting the kitchen and dinning area. There are some small cinemas in these rooms, so people can record their activities.

Kitchen and Dining Room