Adding latex to the collection to drape with and contrast with the heavier, stiffer rubber.

My collection explores the theme of duality. My research focuses on how women are portrayed in gothic literature and modern day media. These depictions usually rely on two contrasting sterytopes of womanhood: the pure, innocent, Madonna character, or the promiscuous and sensual femme fatale. This inspired me to investigate the “Madonna whore complex”, which is a pattern of thought that divides women into these two mutually exclusive categories. My collection rejects this false dichotomy; providing clothes for a multifaceted modern woman

I was drawn to rubber as a material choice due to its toughness to contrast with softer, silky drape.  Rubber also has connotations of  sexuality and promiscuity due to bondage and fetish wear. I aim to use the rubber to make sophisticated garments to apply it in an unexpected way.  I also looked to soft furnishings for inspiration for finishings and trims.