Film Description

This documentary is a private and romantic poem that describes a girl, Sophie, wants to escape the control from her mother. She remembers three dreams she once had on her way to the beach, and that three dreams are the reason she goes to the beach.


Director's Statement

After watching Sophie's family video for 5 hours at her home, I shot this film, Sophie and her 3 dreams. It is a private and romantic film, and one about escaping the control of a family. Her mother's control over Sophie as a child has led her to want very much to escape to a utopia where her mother can no longer find her. In her three dreams she finds her utopia. However after she experiences pure freedom in the utopia, she suddenly feels that she surprisingly Stockholm-like starts to miss her mother's control. I abandoned realism and embraced intuition, I depicted her dreams in dark green, a purely cinematic experience. this film focuses on the power of voice, which is a whisper-like self-talk, asking and answering. In the background, we hear the wind, birds, cicadas and insects,as Sophie whispers about her dreams. Sophie shares her dreams, sharing secrets that no one else can see. She allows the audience sleep with the sound of cicadas, to Sophie's trance-like dream. For me, making this film was an amazing experience. Sophie was very open and honest with me about her secrets and I hope that more people will slow down to experience her dreams and her unique little mind and that in the future more people will be brave and forthright enough to share their secrets with me.