Artist Statement

Since childhood I have been drawn to the intricacy and complexity of gemstones as well as the gorgeous colours of metals. I use these materials to explore the differences between traditional and contemporary jewellery. As part of the basic language of traditional jewellery design, the combination of metals and gemstones seems so customary that we forget other possibilities. I have attempted to disassemble the setting frame and gemstones and restore them as independent parts that form a new whole. Metal has a purely functional role in setting the stone. Instead, I have explored an inversion of roles: the frame is regarded as the protagonist while the gems play a structural, supporting role. In my designs, I choose the formal language of traditional jewellery, such as the shapes of gems and pearls, while manipulating the design framework to reverse their primary and secondary concepts, providing the viewer with a new perspective on traditional jewellery within the context of contemporary jewellery. Through the unique structure of my pieces, two-dimensional clothes become three-dimensional; independent parts are a part and yet apart. The integration of these disparate elements into a singular whole creates a new kind of aesthetic that I hope to show through my work.



Rong Sun_Disordered frame brooch 07_[2021]_[05]_[01] expand
Rong Sun_Disordered frame brooch 07_[2021]_[05]_[01]
Disordered Frame Brooch Wearing Process

Some of my brooch works have no definite shape. They are randomly assembled from metal frames in disorder, so there is no clear distinction between the front and the back, and because they use my own design mechanism instead of traditional pins so that customers will have more freedom in wearing based on their own taste. 

Disordered Frame Brooch
Play with jewellery

There is no clear distinction between the front and back of the brooches in this series, so it increases the fun of wearing. The various angles of the works can effectively extend the freshness to the customers, so that they can be held and worn for a longer time. Besides, the fabric will make the jewellery different every day with the change of clothing because it is part of the piece.

Rong Sun_Cluster setting brooch_[2021]_[05]_[01]_[07]
Rong Sun_Cluster setting brooch_[2021]_[05]_[01]_[07]
Rong_Sun_Diamond ring brooch_[2021]_[05]_[01] expand
Rong_Sun_Diamond ring brooch_[2021]_[05]_[01]
Rong Sun_Pave setting brooch_[2021]_[05]_[01]
Rong Sun_Pave setting Brooch_[2021]_[05]_[01]_[07]

Jewellery in Chinese named as "Zhu Bao", to be specific, "Zhu" means pearl and "Bao" means gemstones.It is easy to understand the origin of the naming because it shows the most popular traditional jewellery forms in our daily life.


I try to remove all the pearls and gemstones of some pieces of traditional jewellery to see what will happen. By observing the results, I get to think the relationship betweeen the metal frame and the stones.  In our daily life, we purchase jewellery from the store or shopping mall which are fixed with stones or pearls,which triggers my thinking, can the fixed and inseparable relationship between the two parts be broken?



Title: Pearl collection bracelet

Size: 60*80mm

Material:  silver, wire and rubber

Rong Sun_Pearl Collection Bracelet_[2021]_[05]_[01]
Rong Sun_Pearl Collection Bracelet_[2021]_[05]_[01]
Skills & Experience
  • Wide range of Silversmithing
  • Rhino/Meshmixer/Keyshot
  • Photoshop /Illustrator/Indesign
  • Calligraphy/Painting
  • Collaboration project with National Museum of Scotland 03/2020
  • WIP show in Andrew Gallery 02/2020
  • Power Station of Art Intern 08/2017