>Everything is connected (like it or not)

>Everything is in motion (always)

>What we can see, is not all there is.


My artistic practice rests and manifests in introspection. The act of creation has become a ritualistic extension of my emotional regulation system and stream of consciousness. Artworks are external physicalities and visual representations of internal experiences that have surfaced into awareness in moments of self-reflection, meditation, or automatism. This allows me to further examine them in their new body.

It starts with a breath, one of the few bodily functions under both conscious and automatic control.There’s a feeling or an emotion. It’s a nudge, a hunch, a thought, or a notion.

Degree show hang, ink on silk 120x120cm with bamboo cotton 140x450cm expand
Squiggles like to Wiggle (2022), 120x350cm Ink and acrylic paint on silk with birch and aero ply, bamboo cotton
painting of 2 figures dancing installed in caves
Dissociation Dance (2022) Approximately 120x120cm, Ink and acrylic paint on silk, with birch and aero ply support.
squiggles like to wiggle close up
Dissociation Dance : Close up
Reaching out/ holding on
Reaching out, Holding on (2021) 40x50cm, Oil paint on canvas
Delicate Balance (at dawn), ink on silk with birchply, approximately 120x120cm
Delicate Balance (2022) Approximately 120x120cm, Ink and acrylic paint on silk, with birch
painting on silk and steel on the floor
The Human Ouroboros: Can catch its feet, but never a break. (2022) Approximately 100x100cm, Ink and acrylic paint on silk, with 2mm steel support and cut out.
Green abstract figure
The Green Lady (2021) 90x60cm, oil paint on canvas.
One and the same (2021) 100x100cm, Oil paint on canvas

Rachel Hutchison

Wiggles, Squiggles and Emotional Dribbles
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