Paul Simpson is a graphic designer traversing the obscure fringes of digital design. Paul’s practice is embodied by an inquisitive design process that seeks to explore how far the limits of digital design can be stretched. Through careful examination and experimentation of both pre-existing and emerging technologies, Paul seeks to understand how these can be effectively utilised to further strengthen and benefit the communication of information. As a classically trained graphic designer, Paul strives to ensure that he creates effective and meaningful solutions that flourish across a wide-range of mediums – with a proven track record across branding/identity, motion graphics and typography.

Project Description

Holbrook Group, founded by Paul Simpson, is a multidisciplinary design practice encompassing three specialist divisions: Studio, comprising Holbrook’s commercial-facing design operations; Foundry, which is the home of Holbrook’s type design practice; and the Lab, which is an experimental division working on self-initiated projects.

As part of the Independent Project on ECA’s BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme, a visual identity, manifesto, website prototypes and social media proposals were developed for Holbrook Group. The goal of this project was to build a visual and operational foundation for Holbrook Group that can be continually developed and refined over time – with the end goal of a complete brand and business that is actively practicing design in industry.

Note: the work you see here is a 'work in progress' and is part of an ongoing project to develop Holbrook Group. Certain unfinished elements shown here in the form of ‘prototypes’ or ‘proposals’ may be subject to change in the future.

Further Links:

— An interactive prototype of the Holbrook Group website can be viewed at

— To see more of the continued development of Holbrook Group, follow on Instagram.

Holbrook Group Manifesto
Holbrook Group Manifesto Breakdown
Point-by-Point Breakdown
Holbrook Group - Website Homepage Mockup
Website Homepage (
Holbrook Group - Website About Page Mockup
Website About Page (
Website Motion Graphics Showreel