The Divine Oblivion (4th Year Project) Trailer

Drama | 10 minutes 

As Carlos’ Alzheimer’s disease begins to rapidly deteriorate, he disconnects more and more from realty. This leaves him to contemplate his internal decline of consciousness as he begins to accept his soul merging with the wider universe around him.


Almost Blue (3rd Project)

Drama | 11 minutes

Alik, a first time male sex worker waits in a hotel room for his client, a reserved middle aged man. Upon arrival, Alik's attempts to alleviate his anxieties about meeting this stranger are met with hostility, where even the simplest questions are too difficult to answer. The two navigate through their own inhibitions as Alik questions whether this is really something he wants to go through with.


Best Director | ARFF Barcelona | Barcelona | 2021

Official Selection

BFI Future Film Festival | London | 2021

Florence Film Awards | Florence | 2020

Featured on BBC Scotland