Project description

My project, Pinkerton’s Pride, was inspired by my family farm and the changes I have witnessed over the years. Over time, I have seen first hand how nature has asserted its power over man made objects. This inspiration then led me to compare the Past and Present state of my farm and to convey the overall message of the negative impact that humans have on nature.  I also wanted to show how The Future could look if things continued as they are.

I use symbolism through surrealism to portray these themes, to convey the story and its concept.   I used hand-painted elements and photography to create collage designs with added embellishments.  This collection is intended for a conversational printed textiles, proposed for genderless smart-wear.

I chose to work with more unusual materials which helped to translate the themes in a unique way.  I achieved this by using materials that could be applied as embellishments in order to create 3D elements to complement the larger scale prints.  Resin provided a means of illustrating the concept of the entrapment of objects in time, freezing them in their current state.  It was a very interesting way to display the textures and objects associated within the time periods.  The results of this process provided embellishments to apply to the collection and helped to underpin the themes of growth and decay.


The Past

Portraying the prosperity of the farm due to the manipulation of nature

Fruit and Veg
Past Scene
Tomato Coordinate
Fruit Embellishment
Rhubarb Coordinate

Raw footage of the wildlife captured on my farm inspired my work.

The Present

Conveying the decline in traditional farm activity over recent years has enabled nature to thrive and reclaim its wild power

Present Scene
Weed Coordinate
Rust Embellishment
The Future

Nature is left untouched by man, utilising elements of The Past and The Present for its advancement

the future
Future close up
future coordinate
Past Shoot
Present Collection 3