I am a multidisciplinary filmmaker working with installation, craft, and animation. My work is introspective, interested in cognitive processes and our sensory experience. I explore these ideas through surreal narratives and tactile textures. With my installations, I challenge the materiality of the screen and try to understand animation as a kinetic object.

Project description

Festering Sink is a film documenting a projection-mapped animation installation about our sensory and cognitive experience of data in a socially isolated world. The installation challenges the materiality of the Screen and our relationship to the digital objects we use. The viewer watches projected animations play in bowls and objects in and around a sink, as they interact with each other, the Mind of the sink becomes muckier and muckier with data.

Broken Femur is a film documenting an installation about the role of technology and cyber connectivity in isolating ourselves further within the bubbles of experience we already live in. The projected animation goes in and out of interacting with the physical objects and matter in front of the viewer, blurring the lines between object and screen, physical and cyber. The viewer watches down on what seems to be a physical body interacting with the animation, as the person ‘breaks their femur’ the projections make the viewer aware of the distance between physical contact and the contact within screens. This installation references anthropologist Margaret Meads’ ‘First sign of civilization’; a broken femur, and places it within our now cyber civilization.

Matilda Violet Nelson

'Festering Sink' and 'Broken Femur' - Installations and Films.
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