I work with storytelling, drawing, animation, and coding. I am currently examining themes of memories, queer identity, and time through non-linear narratives and compositions.

Considering the idea of simultaneity, and Deleuze and Guattari’s Rhizome, has led me to look ahead at digital technologies and to the past into historical sources. The rhizome presents information as a grid of connected points, like mushroom roots or an ant colony, connected and responding to each other. I see rhizomatic patterns in different places, from webpages to fresco wall paintings and Choose Your Own Adventure novels.

The pattern shows up in my drawings, with entangled bodies in ink and charcoal, touching, colliding, pushing against each other, and in the browser, where narratives unfold and loop together. In my moving image work, soft movements and multiple events unfold simultaneously to express the fluidity of identity and intimacy. These animations branch out: in some paths they exist purely as film, some as physical objects in art installations, and finally some are integrated in my browser-based art, where the moving images, static drawings, and stories are combined.

Shhhhhhh, just out of reach

Charcoal animation, 00:30 min. An experimental short, existing in-between still and moving gestures. Multiple events unfolding in their own times as well as in the broader, collective time; interactions, reaching, longing for touch.

This film will be featured as part of World Festival of Animated Film in Varna, Bulgaria and Birkenhead International Film Festival's 30 Second Film selections.

charcoal drawing hung on wall depicting large people with small lines of characters crawing all over them
"Everything all at once one by one" Charcoal on paper, 1188mm x 841mm
Detail of charcoal drawing of a person with their face erased, with tiny charactes crawling all over
Details of "Everything all at once one by one"
Detail of charcoal drawing of a person with their face erased, with tiny charactes crawling all over

How can the non-linearity of the rhizome be used to explore queerness and identity?

View Stroke(whisper - Browser-based artwork online here:

In Stroke(whisper I combine at times grotesque renaissance figures with my own iterations of androgynous characters. Through peeling back layers of skin, bodily organs, and corporeal forms, creating simplified expresssions of humans, I move outside the boundaries of gender as a way to explore queerness and intimacy.

I use this website to display my animations as full-page interactive drawings. This both captures my interest in the Rhizome, different events unfolding simultaneously, and my work with memories and queerness; as the figures reach for each other again and again, the charcoal traces capture their movements in time, like whispers of a brushstroke.


two animated characters are posing and get up to reach out for each other
A dark beige background with a drawing of two characters, one is picking up the other ones head as the body melts away and detaches from the head
Screenshot from "Stroke(whisper"
a section a black and white section of a renaissance fresco next to a section of hand written text
Screenshot from "Stroke(whisper"

My browser-based artworks are available to view for everyone though the website-URL. Provoking the barrier between the author and the viewer, reactive programming lets the artwork form itself around the viewers mouse-movement and clicks. There is no one way to view them, no definite start or end, just moments.

charcoal moving animation of a green drop falling into water and rippling out
section of a drawing of large pixelated chacaters with smaller characters inside them, beneath is a hand written text saying "almost"
Screenshot from "Stroke(whisper"
Pale beige background with a small blurry drawing of a person above the hand written text "Something is missing" and "blink"
Screenshot from "Stroke(whisper"
Are we floating or are we falling?

Hand-painted mixed media animation, 01:03 min, music by Dan McKenna.

The two characters melt in and out of each other as the world expands around them. While circular shapes and movements flow around in loops, the film ask the gentle question: when we're together and it feels as if time stands still, are we floating or are we falling?

This film was featured in an artists film screening and live stream at Gallery Roosi, Tallinn, Estonia, and will be featured as part of the Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation, CHU 2021 Graduation Exhibition & Showcase of works from ECA/UoE.

animation of two characters holding hands and moving
"Are we falling or are we floating?" Hand-painted and digital animation installation, 2021, 01:03 min.
screenshot of a website with a black background and the text "Hey" "I've been really confused about things. You know.. like.. trying to make sense of everything."
Screenshot from
1 minute video walk through of
White Mountains

White Mountains is an interactive Choose Your Own Adventure style cyber diary of a closeted queer teenage girl.

Reflecting on the moldability of memories and unreliable narrators, the anonymous main character talks, confesses, and vents at the reader, while reminiscing over the nostalgia of past and future relations and events. 
The stories dance on the border between fact and fiction, self-mythologization and re-constructed memories.

View White Mountains - Browser-based artwork online here:

large ink drawing hung on wall showing a mix of small narratives, a person in a tub, a sailboat, wave become hair
"Dolphin, orange, hat, car" 84.1cm x 118.9cm, Ink on paper.

I use drawing as a way to experiment with non-linear naratives in a visual format. “Stealing” bits of stories, pictures, and memories; words and imagery are patched together, overlapping and fragmented as the mind tries to remember something that is already half forgotten.

animation of a litte man curling up into a little ball and dissapearing
large ink drawing hung on wall showing a mix of small narratives, hands, little stories written in a panel on the side
"You do not have to worry about that", 84.1cm x 118.9cm, Ink on paper
detail of ink drawing with text and characters hugging and wrestling
Detail of "You do not have to worry about that"
detail of an ink drawing with a viking boat and waves and a canal boat with a little guy shouting at two boys running away with fishing rods
Detail of "Dolphin, orange, hat, car"
Afters experimental online exhibition

Together with my flat mates Miriam Craddock, Gemma Smith, and Gabriel Levine Brislin, we founded Afters, an art collective focused on developing experimental ways of collaborating and exhibiting art online.

I built our online exhibition website from scratch, approaching it less from a perspective of web design and more as an extension of my art making practice. Embedding my browser-based artworks in the exhibition website created an interesting platform for questioning the boundaries between art spaces and artworks. 

Where does the “exhibition space” end and the “art” begin? 

Is it possible for the “vessel” of an online gallery to in itself become an artwork?

View online at: and

Afters flat exhibition and livestream logo
Screenshot of a page for, showing a map of a flat, the different rooms are labeled, maria and miriam and room like the living room, hall and toilet, and a link to go upstairs
Screenshot of floor plan for the Afters 2 website
Screenshot of a page for showing a shadow puppet play titled "an (improvised) tale of triumph and despair"
"an (improvised) tale of triumph and despair" - Afters 2 short film
Screenshot of a page on, showing a video of the audio guided tour, voiced by Maria Wrang-Rasmussen and Miriam Craddock
Screenshot of the Afters 2 audio walk through of the exhibition
Screenshot of a page for, showimg Maria's artists page
Screenshot of my artist page on the Afters 2 website
Skills & Experience
  • Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation, CHU 2021 Graduation Exhibition & Showcase of works from ECA/UoE
  • World Festival of Animated Film, Varna, Bulgaria
  • Birkenhead International Film Festival's 30 Second film selections
  • Room With a view - Google Arts and culture initiative, currated by Amira Gad. Featured artist.
  • GU Queer Arts Festival - The University of Glasgow's first Queer Arts Festival, dedicated to highlighting and showcasing queer & creative excellence.
  • Artists film screening and live stream at Gallery Roosi, Roosikrantsi 15, Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Browser artwork included in Homeostasis Lab: Democratic database for digital arts.