Welcome to Madison Sacramone's Portfolio

Madison Sacramone is an award-winning designer on a mission to change the world by design. Growing up in New York, she wanted nothing more than to share her compassion and channeled this through storytelling in her art. When the question of college came about during her junior year of high school, she began a journey to discover what she wanted to do. Assisted by her mother, she started an online Fair Trade & Handmade boutique to work with global artisans worldwide.

Her passion for human connection and wellbeing led her to pursue her undergraduate degree in Interior Design at The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where many of her projects evaluated sustainability and people-centric design. Through her experiences at SCAD, Madison grew as an artist and designer, especially from her time studying in Lacoste, France. During her time abroad she found a new appreciation for travel and began to look at the natural and built environment differently.

Since graduating from SCAD, Madison has been awarded for her sustainable innovation in her senior Capstone design project both by her university and by the American Society of Interior Designers ASID for the Joel Polsky Prize. She has also been recognized for her achievements by the European Design Awards and the ASID Portfolio Competition.

Madison went on to pursue a degree at the University of Edinburgh in; MSc Advanced Sustainable Design. Whilst studying she continued to hone her focus on human connection and environmental wellbeing through design. Her dissertation as well as her most recent projects explore the theory of urban acupuncture and the value it has to regenerate cities as a design practice. 

Please view the Issuu document to see her portfolio.

Sorrel Towers | Designing productive building facades and ventilation strategies

This project proposes innovative solutions for wind and rain harvesting facades in cities. It also evaluates effective ventilation strategies within a workplace environment. Please view the Issuu document for more information.

Sorrel Tower - Visualization
The Community Network | Activating the community with innovative design proposals for a new development at Shawfair, UK.

This design project evaluates the site, Shawfair, located near Edinburgh for a new development proposal that is both innovative and accepting of the rich heritage. The design explored urban acupuncture principles to suggest methods for activating the community with a network of pavilions, exhibits and gardens.

Urban Acupuncture Interventions at the Fountainbridge Union Canal Walkway

A landscape proposal to increase health and wellbeing of the occupants and environment around the site and to promote community interactions. Please view the project in full on Issuu.

Solar Analysis - Union Canal

This project proposes networks and infrastructure for an autonomous community located within Scotland. The project explores the limits of autonomy and makes recommendations for methods that increase sustainable lifestyle habits.

Skills & Experience
  • Interior Design & Architectural Intern | Block Renovations | New York City
  • Co-Founder of online Fair Trade Boutique | High5humans.com
  • Worked abroad at SCAD Pro to design a tourism welcome center in Apt, France
  • Interior Design Intern | Linen & Line Designs | Savannah, GA, USA
  • Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Design | The Savannah College of Art and Design | Savannah, GA, USA