Skills & Experience
  • Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibition, Mall Galleries, 2019
  • Carbon Copies, online exhibition, 2021
  • Hampstead Fine Art Society exhibition, Fitzrovia Gallery, 2021
Project description

My practice is predominantly in portraiture, but now with a developed interest in narrative painting. This year, with the continuous lockdowns and isolation, internet chatrooms made a revival. I explored Omegle, a site that boasts itself as being censor free and 'lawless' allowing for anyone to meet anyone. However their philosophy has a sinister reality whereby children are exposed to disturbing images and videos elements as there are no restrictions for what people can say or do. I went on the site with the hope of speaking to strangers, interested to see how much they are willing to tell me, especially in this time of isolation and loneliness. The work is based off individual past stories, current situations and relationships. I used photography, my own imagination and memory to create these paintings.

Omegle project, Mexico expand
Humans are given one choice, and god doesn't do things purposefully. Oil on wood, 80x90cm
Omegle project, California expand
Wanna see my dick in my sister's heels? Oil on wood, 30x90cm
Omegle project, Oklahoma expand
She's the older one. Pencil on card, 30x21cm
Omegle project, Puerto Rico expand
And after that my brother saved me. Oil on wood board, 50x70cm
Omegle project, Denmark expand
Its called Hyggeracisme. Oil on wood board, 90x120cm
Omegle project, Denmark expand
A kind of family portrait. Oil on wood board, 50x80cm
Omegle project, Denmark expand
A kind of family portrait II. Pencil on card, 30x21cm
Omegle project, York expand
That was the last family dinner. Oil on wood board, 80x130cm
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