This is a comic about how children understand death. The plot is based on my real childhood memories.

My knowledge of death comes from my pet goldfish as a child. They were beautiful but too fragile. Their state after death is so different from when they were alive that even children could notice. However, this story in this comic was the first time I had seen the whole process of animal death. The stark contrast between the lamb and the other animals around it gave me a great shock. 


This story is about an astronaut with a safety line. While she was exploring a strange planet, she found an ancient temple. In front of the gate, she caught sight of a similar safety line winding from inside the temple. So she decided to have a look. When she finally reached the centre of this temple, she saw a  goddess statue, and suddenly realized her line was connected to the core of the goddess. At that very blink, she saw the beginning and destruction of this civilization. At the same moment, the civilization was reborn.

My main idea is every civilization survives on its heritage. If the last person to know it passes away, the civilization dies with it. But once someone has discovered it again, it will be reinterpreted and reborn by that person. The safety line symbolizes the umbilical cord. The core of the goddess can be seen as her womb, which also emphasizes the concept of birth.