North elevation of the building

The aim of this project is to regenerate the heritage of Fraserburgh. The project 'THE BROCH' (a nickname for Fraserburgh, derived from the old Scolsh word for ‘fortress') will be reinvented as a multi - functional centre for cultural activities and workspaces, which will primarily be used to support local economic development and cultural exchange. Fraserburgh, as a harbour town, will benefit from investments related to the fishing industry.


Fraserburgh, once a major industrial and herring boom town in the North East, has a rich fishery historical heritage and culture. Fraserburgh's rich history is inextricably linked to its maritime location and the opportunities this has offered over many centuries.  Fraserburgh was declared by one contemporary commentator to be 'the chief seat of the herring fishing industry in Scotland’. The scale was vast, peaking around 1907. To this day, Fraserburgh remains one of the most prosperous ports in the north east of Scotland and it is also a major port for white and pelagic fish. Memories of involvement in the fishing industry still run deep in the town which giving the project great potential to further celebrate and transmit local fishing heritage.


This building is importance as it on a prominent site in the town centre and harbor areas. Based on its context and cultural background the building contributes to the celebration of the history and future development of the local fishing industry.

Built by William Wilson in 1909-11, the original owner is untraceable and is now owned by Mr Arthur McGoff. Previously used as a hotel, the hotel is now permanently closed and the building has been vacant for several years.

The three storey, 1300 square metre building has elements of the Scottish Baroque style predominantly on the exterior, mostly in rock- faced granite with a curved corner corner corbeling into a turret and spirelet. 

fraserburgh map

I imagine the project as a symbolic monument that captures the unique context and values of the town and the host building; the building is located in a prominent position in the town centre and harbour area. The project is seen as a 'Fifie' docked in the harbour where the history and memory of the town is presented and embraced by locals and visitors alike.

The Fifie is a design of sailing boat developed on the east coast of Scotland. It was a traditional fishing boat used by Scottish fishermen from the 1850s until well into the 20th century. They had a significant impact on fraserburgh during the herring boom.

second floor
first floor
ground floor

The building will be divided into several mainly functional areas:

Historical exhibition - showing the historical development of the local fishing industry, particularly during the herring boom period. Encouraging more young people to learn about and spread the word about Fraserburgh's fishing heritage, while in turn raising local awareness of the town's rich heritage.

Fish and chip shop - The project will create a local brand of food that belongs to Fraserburgh. Serving traditional fish and chips and freshly prepared seafood dishes daily to locals and visitors alike.

Fishermen's lounge - its unique location makes it easy for fishermen to access and benefit from its location. It serves as a space to relax when the fishermen are not at sea, as well as a space to rest and wash up after their work.

Workspace - An improved workshop area for the Gear Innovation and Technology Advisory Group, as well as support areas relating to various materials and production techniques. This innovative environment also provides space for the group to disseminate project-related knowledge across the industry in order to act as a link between active fishermen, industry and public bodies, fishing gear technologists and science. The aim is to conduct innovative trials of existing gear categories, experiment with new gear configurations and types, and conduct relevant data collection and analysis. To ensure the sustainability of local fisheries.

Proposed Fish & Chips Branded Item
visual effect
Dining Area - Ground Floor
visual effect
Fishermen's Lounge - Ground Floor
visual effect
Exhibition & Event Area - Ground Floor
visual effect
Pubilc Lounge and Fishing Gear Advice Room - Second Floor
floor plan
visual effect
Fishing Gear Making Area - First Floor
visual effect
Fishing Gear Display Area - First Floor

As a source of inspiration. I took the shape of a Fifie and designed a bar and mezzanine lounge area in the centre of the building. The wooden structure on top of the mezzanine lounge area will serve as a display unit for innovative fishing gear. While adjustable larch glued laminated timber beams can be adapted to different working and display needs.

main space drawing
Mezzanine lounge
Mezzanine lounge