Project description

This series of works mainly explores the transformation of materials between different forms. The main focus is on wood, which uses engraving technology to gradually reduce the amount of wood. At the same time, collect the dust of wood during the engraving process and reuse it in the design again. It expresses the process of transforming from wood itself into wood dust. One part is gradually disappearing but the other part is gradually growing.

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Object1: LOST WOOD, 2021


Material: Wood, Wood dust, Resin  

Size: 1.5cm*1.2cm

There are a total of 6 works in this series. The wood and wood dust form a complementary shape to show the state of wood conversion in a cycle.

object 1
object2(s ver.)


Mateiral: Wood, Wood dust, Resin

Size: 1.7cm*1.1cm

This series of works consists of 10 works. The circles of wood and wood dust form a group, the circles of wood are gradually decreasing, and the reduced wood is transformed into sawdust and gradually grows in another object. This series of works explores the issue of material reduction and growth.

Object3: JOURNEY, 2021

Mateiral: Wood, Wood dust, Resin  

Size: 1.5cm*1.2cm

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Object3: JOURNEY, 2021

This series consists of 5 works. The journey begins with a complete circle of wood, the wood is gradually transformed into sawdust, and the end is a circle made of sawdust.

Other Projects

The following project mainly revolves around silver, using the technique of reticulation to make textures of different depths on the surface of the silver. The process of reticulation is a handicraft closely related to the application time, and any subtle difference in the production process will be reflected in the metal. This series uses the technique of reticulation to show the changes of metal at different times, from flatness to folds, from freshness to shrinkage.

Brooch: TIME JOURNEY, 2020

Material: Silver


object5 (silver brooch)
Ring: TIME JOURNEY, 2020

Material: Silver


object4 (silver ring)
Ring: TIME JOURNEY (digital version), 2020

Material: Silver

Quantity: 7 pieces

keyshot silver
Skills & Experience
  • Gem identification
  • Digital Work Skills: In-design, Rhino, Zbrush
  • Jewellery Skills: Wax carving Silversmithing

Kunning Ding

Material Transformation- About Wood & Dust