Project description

In my work I'm concerned with expressing the bridge between the mythic and the mundane. The language of poetry in particular, and any literary form where words have significant room to breathe, deepens my interest in creating images that feel familiar but dreamy.

My focus at ECA was on creating a picturebook. Over quarantine I was sending and receiving lots of letters from friends and loved ones. During isolation these interactions had an added joy to them. Receiving a letter was thrilling, and sending one was a reflective experience. I wondered what lands the letter would pass through on its way to me. I wondered whose hands would hold my carefully crafted letter along its journey to my loved one. I decided to illustrate a story about those feelings. I didn’t necessarily want this book to be a non-fiction depiction of the postal network, so I decided the letter's journey would become more and more fantastical as the story progressed. I hope you enjoy reading it in the video below.

The drawings that follow are my ruminations about character designs, gestures, and settings.

post person sketch
character development
horse and rider 4
horse and carriage 2
horse and carriage
horse and rider 1
horse and rider 2
horse and rider 3

Timelapse of an Illustration

horseback postal delivery

I wanted the beginning of the story to be set in Edinburgh so I could make life-drawings of my neighbourhood and record my time here. In this illustration I incorporated two separate drawings of the Meadows.

sketchbook and pencil pages
city at night
house in trees
old tree
old willow tree
broken stone figures

The following prints and illustrations are not part of specific projects, but are from my time at ECA. The black and white work is done by a printmaking process called aquatinting, a meticulous form of intaglio etching that results in intriguing silhouetted shapes, perfect for conveying subjects that are obscure or mythological in nature.

Fern Aquatint
farmer at night
child on a boat
child under a tree stump
Child and Tree Stump
boat at night
warrior and snake
lady on horse
Finn MacCool
child playing with flower

Thank you for reading and viewing!



Julia Vohl

Picturebooks, Illustrations for Children, and Printmaking