Lussevaka - Short Fiction

Short Fiction | 8:30 | 2020

At a bustling Lucia dinner party, a young girl, ignored and patronised by the adult conversation around her, forms an unspoken bond with an equally excluded elderly lady across the table. Stirring supernatural forces they find their own means of escaping the gathering they're been dragged along to. A magical tale of silent solidarity in a fleeting connection between kindred spirits generations apart.

Writer/Director/Editor - Johanna Sutherland

Cinematographer - Chester Briscall-Harvey

Producer - Kitty McMurdo-Schad

Production Design - Jonna Laitinen

Cast - Ruby Dailly, Lynsey Wright

Official Selection:

RTS (Royal Television Society) Scottish Student Awards in Scripted Category • 2021, UK

Lund International Fantastic Film Festival • 2020, Sweden

Little Wing Film Festival • 2020, UK

YOUKI International Youth Media Festival • 2020, Austria

Madrid Indie Film Festival (MADRIFF)  • 2020, Spain


- Best Music & Ebba Priset (WIFT's [Women in Film and Tevevision] grant for emerging female filmmaker) • Skåne Pixel Film Festival • 2021, Sweden 

- Best Director, Editing & Best Female Lead • Westminster Film Festival • 2020, UK 

elsewhere back then - Experimental Short

Experimental Short | 6:01 | 2021

Using home-video and animation, this experimental film explores dementia and themes of memory, lost or re-remembered. 

ROOTS - Experimental short

Experimental Short | 2:29 | 2020

- of wiggly teeth and loose memories, this short recalls the absurd loss of my first milk teeth.


Hailing from Sweden, Johanna is a sound recorder, designer and filmmaker based in Edinburgh, Scotland. During her time at at Edinburgh College of Art, she has worked predominantly
in the sound department, ranging from Graduate fiction dramas to documentaries such as SDI's (Scottish Documentary Institute) Long Live Livi (2020). With experience in tricky studio interiors as well as stormy Scottish exteriors, Johanna is up for any shoot with a strong concept and loves working in a team committed to telling an original story. With an interest in folklore and mythology, her own work explores traditions and memory, often from a youth’s perspective. Her short fiction Lussevaka, set during the Swedish celebrations of Saint Lucia, has been screened at festivals across Europe including Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, Sweden
and Little Wing Film Festival, UK and was recently selected by RTS (Royal Television Society) Scottish Student Awards in the Scripted category. She is currently developing her second short fiction about young sisterhood in the countryside of Sweden's deep south.