Project description

The contemporary world wants immunity from the troubles of nature. Immunity from its sickness, catastrophes, mutations and unknowns. Therefore, people continue to explore nature, domesticate nature  for profitable human benefit. 

We’re amidst a bio-technological boom and we're creating a world. In a world where science, medicine and technology dominate and direct the possibilities of the future, people design and modify genes on a large scale in an attempt to increase the added value of products. People have artificially accelerated the process of natural evolution, and we are also designing post-human natural landscapes.

This project briefly examines the prophetic role art and design plays in determining our post-natural and post-human landscape and the ethical and moral conundrums that are awakened by it. 

What is natural, and further, what is human. 

Post-Natural landscape
Future Food Design Studio

Environmental problems continue to occur, population growth, reduction of arable land, food shortages, and climate problems have all become problems for mankind.  Therefore, people continue to explore nature, domesticate nature  for profitable human benefit.

These gene-edited artificial species will be cultivated in the laboratory, and their growth status will be monitored for 24 hours. They are free from all the unfavorable factors in their growth, and have grown into products that most cater to consumers.

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