Interactive Keepland provides a physical training space for the online fitness app named Keep.

It talks about how interior space interact with visitors, computers and online services. 

Based on A sensing system and Argumented reality, Interactive Keepland offers a hybrid fitness service that combines online services and physical gym facilities.


When users get into the interactive keepland they get a smart watch for computer to recognize their ID and monitoring their moves and heart rates. Then facilities such as body scanning machine help to build a data model of users and updates it. Project mapping can do things like way-finding and intercative fitness games. The salad bar could suggest food to users by analysis how much calories they burn.


DJ PAD*JUMPING BOX is an interactive fitness installtion. The user can follow the instructions of the projection on it to jump on the jumping box, and at the same time, when stepping on the jumping box, the sensor will be triggered to play musical instrument sounds, such as drums and electric guitar sounds. Besides Users can select different programs or tracks through the Keep app, and managers can also design different programs and activities to link with the installaion.

Interactive keepland
Prototyping Video-Interactive Jumpping box

Huixin Ren

Interative keepland—Interacting fitness space with online fitness service