Erica moved to Scotland in 2019, where she completed the MFA in Documentary Film Directing at the University of Edinburgh in 2021. She is currently 1/2 of Imprint, a documentary film collective focused on embodiment in documentary filmmaking practice (@imprint.documentaries).

She has a background in cultural anthropology and fine art, having completed an MA in Medical Anthropology from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and a certificate in Conceptual Studio Arts at Metafora Studios in Barcelona, Spain.

Her practice takes the form of essay, social issue, hybrid, and experimental documentary, as well as video/multimedia installations and visual ethnographic research. She is passionate about interdisciplinarity and has a wide variety of topical interests, having produced visual work and conducted social research around the world since 2015.

Specifically, she is interested in the health/culture relationship, the body, intimacy, and phenomenology, human/environmental relationships, and the transformative experiences of art, dance, and creativity. She is currently developing a number of short experimental and documentary films, producing short documentaries for local directors, and conceptualizing her first feature length documentary.

Her emails are open to collaborations as a director in the UK, USA, and Europe, as well as to inquiries about collaborating on interdisciplinary art and research projects.

I Was Born In The Month Of The Moon

 [Short Documentary. 2021. Director, Producer, Editor.] 

Confined to her flat during the spring of the 2020 pandemic, the filmmaker sits still for the first time in her life. As the phases of celestial bodies continue outside her window, dreams and memories begin to emerge: she can finally hear what her own body has to say. Through the experience of chronic pain and illness, set against the backdrop of her empty flat in Scotland and her childhood memories of the Californian landscape, a lifelong psychological journey cycles through to its natural end.

The Shape of the Sky (A Manifesto) Still 1
The Shape of the Sky (A Manifesto) Still 2
The Shape of the Sky (A Manifesto)

 [Short Documentary. 2021. Director, Producer, Editor.] 

Clouds, the moon, a city, the body, and the endless expanse of the sky. Through a series of photographs, this experimental documentary presents the question, "what is the shape of something shapeless?" Rejecting the concepts and limitations imposed on womens' bodies, the filmmaker constructs a manifesto for embracing our limitless potential.

How I Assemble My Body From Many Parts Still 2
How I Assemble My Body From Many Parts Still 1
How I Assemble My Body From Many Parts

 [Video Installation. 2019. Artist, Cinematographer, Editor.] 

What does a body "in between" look like, feel like, and function as? As arms emerge from stomachs which lay on collarbones, and fingers grasp shoulders which disappear into wrists, this self portrait of the artist redistributes their limbs and redesigns their human body in a way that encourages asking questions about the many possibilities of how we understand bodies to be; in form, substance, and movement.

Embodied Glasgow Still 2
Embodied Glasgow Still 1
Embodied Glasgow

 [MFA Thesis. 2021.] 

This visual thesis is an inquiry into the method of documentary filmmaking through the lens of embodiment theory. A visual case study of the human body/city relationship in Glasgow, Scotland is utilized in contrast to current films and research exploring similar themes.

The following questions are addressed: what knowledge can embodied documentary filmmaking visualize regarding the human body within an urban environment, and what is unique about this methodology? How does embodiment theory relate to documentary practice, and what can be contributed to documentary practice by applying such a theoretical lens?