Project description

Jewellery is a form of self-expression, whether it be minimal and simplistic or large body adornments. It can be used by people to express their individuality or alternatively conform to a particular group identity. Jewellery can be used by people to completely change their look, regardless of budget, social norms and trends can be readily accessed by everyone. It is through these ideas of inclusivity and diversity that Emily aims to create jewellery.

Inspired by the human form Emily designs jewellery that is representational of all body types. An integral part of her work is drawing. From these drawings of body and form she further abstracts them before recreating them in metal. She focuses on exploring a range of techniques with the intention of recreating the hand drawn quality of line in metal. With each piece slightly different, much like everyone’s bodies, her hope is that people can identify and resonate with her work and see it as a celebration of all body types. Her intention is to produce work that is beautiful, resilient and sensitive, much like the human body.

Simple line drawing
A collection of drawings exploring the human form
4 Drawings
Abstract Shapes
Simplifying the body in to abstract shapes and fragments
Outline abstract shapes
Layered drawings
Combining abstract fragments and line drawings to focus in on smaller areas of detail
Dot Samples, Shannon Tofts
Collection of samples exploring different ways of communicating line. Photography by Shannon Tofts
Line samples, Shannon Tofts
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