Project description

Taking place entirely in a bathroom - a setting which can be both a place of sanctuary, and one with sinister potential – Silvering sees a ritualistic evening of ‘self-care’ spiral into claustrophobic self-scrutiny when a woman discovers a grey hair.

Silvering is a film borne of a slightly conceited, sometimes consuming and inevitably futile fear of growing old and the things that come with it. Drawing on horror tropes and intersecting the analogue and digital by using skin-like paper textures alongside naïve illustrations, I begin to explore the implications of pervasive negativity surrounding ageing, and take a stab at the absurdity of the whole thing.

The short is accompanied by original music from Carla Sayer and Tim du Feu, with sound design by Hervé Girardin. It can be seen in full during the physical graduate show at ECA.

Silvering (trailer)
Video documenting some early test footage as well as my animation process.
Tests & Processes

Some initial tests and sketches from the pre-production stage, documenting ideas and process.

Eilidh Nicoll Showreel 2021 - a selection of clips showcasing my animation
Showreel 2021

A compilation of recent examples of animation, including comissioned work and other ECA projects.