Artist Statement

Energetic and vibrant, my illustrations capture narratives from everyday life through a playful and humorous lens. This approach manifests itself through a variety of mediums, from posters and screen-prints, to zines, artists books and covers. My practice values a mixed media approach of traditional and digital methods of making. Recently, printmaking has also become a hugely important part of my practice. Utilising rich textures is central to my work, so the incorporation of screen-printing and risograph printing to my repertoire has been eye-opening. In regards to my process, reportage forms the foundation of my practice. I find it extremely rewarding creating quick, on-site illustrations and building a story centred around the loose, dynamic drawings in my sketchbook.

Within my narrative focused illustration, I tend to tackle themes of community and place, female empowerment, the climate crisis and the grieving process. Whatever the subject matter, I want my work to shine a light on topics that I am passionate about - even if it’s simply highlighting the stories hidden amongst my favourite charity shop in my hometown. In some shape or form, the message at the core of all my work is a positive one.

Spoken Memories

Two A2 screenprinted posters that visualise the stories through which I most often remember my sister Rose’s memory, through her favourite food and one of her absoutely terrible jokes. I hope you smile.

Bag For Life

An A2 screen-printed, single page comic which explores my relationship with grief with a humorous tone. The comic uses a bag as a metaphor for the grief I experience due to the loss of my sister Rose. The bag’s weight is always changing: some days it’s huge and some days I barely notice it, I can’t control it but I’m always carrying it. The comic follows a narrative of me explaining this love-hate relationship.

A Feminist Reading

A set of cover re-designs for three of my favourite female-authored novels, by Sylvia Plath, Cho Nam-Joo and Gabriela Garcia. I'm extremely passionate about using my work to give a voice to women's stories, and feel these books tell stories that everyone should engage with.

I Want To Live Inside Sue Ryder

A 26 page artist’s book, taking you on a journey throughout Nottingham, and finishing at the final destination of the best charity shop in the world: Sue Ryder.

Scenes From A Protest

A mix-media artist book that follows a collection of characters and scenes from the COP27 protest in Edinburgh, 2022. 

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