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Project description

The project had a brief to tackle an issue which was important to you and that you were passionate about.

I initially started wanting to tackle the idea of companies trying to be your friend when they just want profit but IĀ focused this down to looking at data harvesting specifically.

This is an issue that affects everyone online, and I did some more diving into the dangers associated with it like hacking and data leaks of your private information.

During this research I came across the nintendo app miitomo, which users would actively share their private information as part of the platform, which gave me an idea for a concept of an app which would get you to give data as you normally would and then reveals its "harvesting data" and informs the user about data harvesting.

I also came across other games such as Can Your Pet and Dumb Ways To Die which utilise this idea of cute graphics to juxtapose a deeper or darker message.

This lead me to looking into the background of virtual pet apps, and the appeal of them and the demographic, as well as existing apps on the app store, which all seem to be aimed towards children.

I did make some mock-ups of the idea in different contexts, like a food app or a fitness app, but I really liked the juxtaposition concept because it adds immediate intrigue to something.

Because I couldn't code, the main challenge of this project was trying to make it seem like a real game using After Effects and Photoshop alone. I gave the dog a short looping animation to make it seem more real, which was then contrasted with the glitch style when the game reveals its true intentions.

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