Project description

All are starting from the fear of never getting back to normal. The city construction, the endless greed… When we play as invaders towards nature, our steps can hinder us one day. And now are the days we are living with fear, with Covid, with lockdown restrictions in our delicate cement “cages” called home. We were helpless. We started to complain. We murmured for freedom. Our life changed completely, with the constrained way in every single day. Now we know the truth that we are all tied firmly together. We used to pin our marks on the summit of the highest mountain, and now we pin on the calendar and count on the end date.

The whole collection is based on the oppressive situation in the past year. Chengcheng experienced a strict lockdown in China and then encountered the second lockdown in the UK. Derived from Chengcheng’s lockdown experience, the collection shows her impression of the worldwide self-restriction phenomenon. She hopes people can gain courage through her work. As she said, “If we can’t forget the bad time, at least we could pin it on and memorize the pain. Sometimes those memories that hurt us will make us.”

highly rendered brooch
brooch<pinned on>detail2

This piece presents the knot and the delicate pattern created by the threads. The self-binding look shows our situation during a lockdown: self-restricted because of public order.

Material: Jesmonite, red polyester thread, elastic thread, silver, steel.



brooch 1 back detail expand
inside page design sample
brooch 1 look
brooch <on the same boat>
brooch <on the same boat>
brooch <on the same boat>
Brooch: <Together>

The brooch Together was created like a boat shape. The two parts of the brooch are tied together by one red string and formed the boat shape. I want to use the piece to implicate that the human community has a shared destiny. We may live in different countries, but we could all being infected by a social event, by subtle environmental changes, or by a global public health emergency like we experienced in 2020 and 2021.

Material: brass pin, red string, Grey Jesmonite, steel, resin, paint.




portfolio inside page design
Brooch: <Pinned on>

The pins represent the rules and regulations that pinned us in our cement house.

Material: Jesmonite, red polyester thread, elastic thread, silver, steel.


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