Showreel 2021

My showreel is a selection of the work created over the last four years at ECA. There is work from several short films, and annual 10x10 challenges. I predominantly work in 2D, but I enjoy working with a mixture of traditional and digital techniques, exploring ways of combining them. 

Further work can be found on my portfolio website listed above.

Showreel Music by Duncan Gallagher -

Short Film Trailer - the Night Library

MC is on his way home from the station at 11pm in the rain, when his attention is caught by a doorway, instead of passing on he pauses, follows a rare spark of curiosity and opens it. Inside is the night library, and once the nights over and it lets him back out, the world seems different. 

the Night Library is a short 2D animated film with character animation that is entirely hand drawn in pencil, and environments created using a combination of pencil on paper textures and digital modelling and compositing. I intended this film to be a mood piece about how the mundane world is incredible just as it is, if you just pay attention to it, showing that through the wonder the character feels just by the act of him interacting with a space. 

Sound Design by Jack Ridley