Skills & Experience
  • Design: Pattern Cutting/ Tailoring / Fabric Manipulation / Accessories / Menswear / Womenswear / Gender neutral
  • Textiles: Digital print Design / Block print / Screen Printing / Heat Transfer Printing / Dyeing / Embroidery / Appliqué
  • General: Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / In Design / Fashion Illustration / Photography
  • Michael Treta internship: Pattern Cutting / Garment production / Finishings / Surface work Applique / Embellishment

I am interested in strong core identities and an ethos related to sustainability. The focus on quality over quantity is also significant to me. I am attacted to learn new processes and absorbing new information. Old techniques, handmade methods and craftsmanship also catch my attention. As a fashion designer I aim to dress fearless people with strong core identities and values who champion diversity to stand against the standarization of beauty.

Concept: 'Slow Down' Graduate collection

My concept is to bring together the cultural influences that helped to establish the traditions of Valencia.

The wealth of Valencia’s lands made agriculture together with the silk industry another essential part of the city’s popularity. Farmer’s clothes, accessories, and equipment used to work on the fields are an important part of this project..

In my collection, the opulent clothing shapes that enticed the wealthy are brought together with the comfort of the garments used on the fields. There is also inspiration taken from equine farm equipment used for assisting in field work, applying techniques used in the past to design and create this collection.

The main aim is to represent the history, traditions, heritage and craftsmanship of the people of Valencia: honouring how the culture evolved over the years and showing how the city’s influences can be reflected in a contemporary collection. This work will be a reference of traditional clothes and costumes, aiming to slow down the use of unsustainable materials and bringing back the heritage of Valencia. Every garment of this collection will be treated asprecious and unique, staying ahead of trends and finding harmony between fabrics, colours and sustainability.

"Slow Down' Graduate Collection

Everyday fashion brands are more conscious about how important it is to create sustainable clothes. In this collection the creation of compostable gaments is important to uphold the ethos of sustainability and connect with consumers who care about the environmental impact of their clothes.

This collection aimed to dress  powerful woman that doesn’t need to be empowered. Empowerment does not come through clothing, a mentally empowered woman eats the world. These garments are for all those empowered women, aware of the damage we cause to the environment through fashion.

Graduate Collection
Slow down Graduate Collection Line up

Focusing on quality over quantity, these trans-seasonal garments will dress sophisticated and trendy women from all walks of life, helping them to feel confident about how they look and who they are, without compromising their values as an ethical consumer. Class and sophistication are mixed with practical and unrefined styles, leaving the collection with a wide variety of levels of elegance and with eye-catching bursts of innovation.

'Slow Down' Graduate Collection Line Up
Look 1 'Slow Down' Graduate Collection

Different panels are joined to create the front and back yoke. These panels are elongated creating a tailored and contemporary body shape.The pleated bottom is joined to the bodice at the hip line introducing historical influences. The detailed pleated panel at the shoulder provides an elegant touch to this coat that captures the simplicity and opulence inspired by upper and lower class influences from Valencian heritage.

Look 1
Look 2 'Slow Down' Graduate Collection

The floating back yoke represents the different layers used on these historical outfits. This short jacket is pleated under the breast moving the historical skirts volumes from the hips.

The big volume used at the shoulders is inspired by upper class women’s traditional dresses. The top sleeve is constructed with handmade esparto grass panels to create something new with a contemporary shape.

Look 2
Look 3 'Slow Down' Graduate Collection

These simple and short leather trousers are designed to provide a casual silhouette. The big volume coming from the hip symbolised the oversized trousers used by upper class traditional men’s suit. This voluminous side panel is embellished with architectural topstitched shapes.

Oversized shapes used by field workers are the main inspiration for this blouse. The paneled front and back yoke create a distinctive series of patterns. The aim was to reflect the simplicity and comfort of the garments used to work.

Look 3
Look 4 'Slow Down Graduate Collection

The contained volume at the sleeves mixed with the layering creates an oversized and relaxed shape. This blouse captures the classy style used by upper class women. The collar cut offers a decontructed point of view when it goes down the back of the neck, accentuated it though the frill.

The fitted dress is designed with a waistcoat shape in mind. The use of waistcoats is represented by the front panels which are closed under the breasts. The frilled skirt captures opulent volume with a relaxed style to create an outfit which explores luxury in a contemporary way.

Look 4