I am a Queer, non-binary illustrator and creative. Identity is a central theme to much of my work, and I strive for my creative practice to be a space where myself and others can feel seen, included, represented and celebrated for who they are.

My work typically explores themes of sexuality and gender, mental health, and self-love + acceptance, drawing on my own experiences. The art I create is a form of healing for myself - I find the process deeply cathartic. My art is an extension, or rather a visual representation of, my personality.

The main goal of my art is to educate, empower and inform, with elements of academia, including feminist and queer theory being incorporated into many of my pieces. My art aims to bridge the gap between complex theories and a wide audience. My pieces are almost always accompanied by a short essay on a selected topic when I post them on social media, in an effort to make academic writing and difficult topics accessible and easily digestible to an audience that may not have otherwise engaged in them.

Trans Rights Are Human Rights Illustration
Selected Clients + Press

Bee has worked with a range of high profile, international clients, including Spotify, Refinery29, Vans, Superdrug, Hallmark, Shania Twain, STAEDTLER and many more. Bee’s work has caught the attention of public figures such as Ariana Grande, Jameela Jamil and Grace Beverley, and has been featured in publications including Creative Boom, Creative Review, Time Out London, Visual Atelier 8, Polyester Zine and more. 

Protect Queer Youth - an illustrated piece with a mustard yellow background, pink flowers and green text.
Bee Spotify x Refinery29 Article
Spotify Illustration
Bath girl
You Are Enough Illustration
Every Day is the Same - Illustration of a figure on a background of flowers.
Pink Background with yellow text that reads 'We need to be inclusive in our advocacy'
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