Project description

A reimagining of the TV series The Magicians, this show sought to merge Indian history, architecture, and style with the intricate silhouettes of high fashion to redefine the fantasy aesthetic of the show. Set in both New York and a fantastical world called Fillory, the show follows two best friends Margot and Eliot as they try to uncover why magic is malfunctioning which leads them to discover Fillory's dark past, a war between the Magician clans, Gods, and Blood Magicians. 

Set design
Final Lineup
Architect Transcending

This piece is meant to emulate the inside architecture of an Indian Mosque. Resting on a geometric crinoline of my design, the dress has 8 identical panels made from fabrics and laser-cut EVA foam, the floating collar made of millinery wire and buckram with fabric draped over it.

Architect Transcending
Architect Transcending
Vena Queen

This battle-ready character wears the colour of her magical tribe. Carefully pipped with gold cording, the different textures of the leather and hexagon lycra give the bodysuit dimension. The feather arm is made of individually cut and painted EVA foam pieces woven together, while the armour is made of embossed leather and thermal plastic. 

Vena Queen
Creating the armour
Vena Queen