Screenshot from the film: A man stands beside a pool of baked beans
Concept art for the film, Underwater door scene
Screenshot from the film: The woman reaches for a tin of baked beans while the man lingers
A screenshot from the film: The man falling underwater
Concept art for the film, Background of a lighthouse by the sea. Oil pastel drawing
Film Poster for The Postman
A screenshot from the film: POV of the 'His' legs underwater looking at a door
A screenshot from the film: A woman shops for flowers in the supermarket
Concept art: Painting of man walking with rectangular pieces floating out of him
Concept art for the film, painting of a man with pieces floating away
A screenshot from the film: The kettle in Her kitchen
Concept art for the film, Drawing of man and woman at a bus stop, coloured pencil
Project Description

Logline: The tale of an anxious man, a baked bean sale, and a mysterious letter 

Synopsis:  One windy Wednesday morning a man receives a letter that he is afraid to open. 

Exploring the ways in which our personalities define our perception of reality, this film follows the experiences of two very different people as they go through the same day.  

Does the postman know the ramifications of his delivery? 

And how will the shop ever get rid of all those beans? 


Further Details and the Future

I wanted this film to show the ways in which anxiety can distort a sufferers perception of reality (detailed more in the PDF on this page). I thoroughly enjoyed the project, and although it had its ups and downs, I am proud of the film I have created. 

I made the film using TVPaintPro11, and the soundtrack was created by THEO, a Scottish musician based in Canada. 

Looking to the Future, I am looking to working in Children's Television, and I hope one day to be part of a studio that makes children's shows. As someone who adored cartoons, I want to create consistent characters that children can come home to and look up to. I am applying to studios and hoping in the long run to some day create my own show for children.