I'm AnnaSophia Gouw, a Dutch Graphic Design graduate based in Edinburgh. 

Before moving to Scotland to study art at West Lothian College in August 2016, I lived and worked in London for almost two years. During this time I mastered the English language to a near native level and I worked in the museum sector, as well as with children.

To enroll at university I undertook a one year intensive Portfolio Preparation course at HNC level and got accepted at three major Scottish universities of which I chose to attend ECA.

At ECA I have massively enjoyed learning about and working with the plethora of traditional techniques the art college has available, especially the letterpress printing technique and screenprinting. Besides traditional techniques I've learned to use Adobe Creative Cloud, especially Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Lightroom to achieve high quality designs and artwork.

Even In Death (Handmade Artist Book)

I've decided to show you one of my more artistic projects that shows my creative process and how I incorporate my storytelling ability into a design project.

This handmade book is inspired by one single gravestone in Edinburgh Eastern Cemetery. I created this artist book as a more stylised version of my sketchbook for this project.

The headstone that fueled this project was of a married couple, Daniel Ferme and Margaret Glen Black, who died more than 60 years apart but were still buried together underneath a tree that still stands to this day.

Using photography, monoprinting and letterpress printing I looked at the theme around love & passing and I wanted to create a delicate but poignant representation of what it is like to keep on living after the death of a loved one.

Close up of the bottom three rows of hand stitching book binding. White stitching creates a braid pattern, attched to the black covers.
Close up of the gold foil artwork on the front cover. Skeleton skull and drawing of graveyard visible.
Book folded open to a double spread depicting a couple of skeletons on the left page, and a close up of one skeleton super imposed on top of a drawing.
Close up of the endpaper inside the book, gold foil on black pages in an organic
I long to be Like You

Moonlight on the soft brown earth, it leads me to where you lay.
They took you away from me but I will stay forever here with you.

I hate myself for breathing without you.
Nothing real love can't undo, even in death our love goes on.
I long to be like you, lie cold in the ground like you.

I believe our love can see us through in death
Some say I'm crazy for my love, they don't know you can't leave me. They can't hear you singing to me.

No matter what they told you, you're not alone.
I'll be right beside you forevermore, all paths lead straight to you.

I can't love you anymore than I already do. I'm coming for you.


(text combined from Like You & Even In Death by Evanescence)

Front cover of handmade A4 sized book with small gold foiled rectangle depiciting handdrawn art.
Skills & Experience
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo Retouching & Restoration
  • Printmaking
  • Typography
  • Book binding
  • Letterpress
  • Layout Design
  • Art Direction
  • Storytelling
  • Creative Writing
  • Photography
  • Mixed Media
  • Digital Photo Manipulation