Muses and Dreamers

This photograph was taken of my flatmate, Isabelle. Isabelle and her dreams became a key source of inspiration to this project. Photographing my muses in the environments in which they dream was a poignant starting point to my collection. 

Image of one of the muses for my project
An image showing one of my samples inspired by the utopian nature of soaring birds.  This sample was printed digitally onto silk
An image of embroidered flamingos onto pink velvet. This sample has then been hemmed with pink fringing
By The Pool 50cmx50cm

This piece formed part of my final collection. I screen printed different layers at home by drawing out different shapes as part of the scene and hand-cutting the stencils. The scene depicts different parasols over a swimming pool. This specific sample was inspired by my muse, Isabelle and her reoccurring dreams of summer. Each colour in this piece has been mixed at home using a combination of different binders and inks. 

A screen printed sample one at home using different handcut stencils. The imagery on this sample has been inspired by dreams of the summer and depicts different parasols over a diamond tiled pool
Digital Print showing swimmers in the ocean, inspired by dreams of summer
This image shows a sample from my collection. This sample was inspired by floral shadows and has been digitally printed onto silk.
A digitally printed wallpaper length inspired by abstract floral imagery. This design is in full repeat
The Botanical Illusion

This sample was inspired by abstract floral imagery. I started by creating observational drawings of pots of flowers around my flat. These were then developed into a digital repeat print that was printed on silk. I  added wading and a pink velvet backing and finalised the sample by including quilted elements.

Digitally printed silk that has been quilted. This image shows the quilt in context on a bed and also shows the pink velvet reverse side.
Image of digitally printed quilt inspired by abstract and obscure floral imagery
Toile De Jouy

This sample was inspired by the famous toile de joy design. I gathered an archive of images that related to each narrative that I had earlier constructed and drew from elements of these photographs. With these I have then created a bold narrative scene using bright pinks and oranges. 

Pink and orange print inspired by the toile de jouy design. This design was hand drawn and then digitally printed onto fabric
digital print with screen printed elements showing vases on a table
Embroidered birds onto hand-dyed pink chiffon
The Flying Flamingoes

This sample was inspired by the birds that featured in one of my muses dreams. I have captured the utopian nature of these animals by using bright colours to create a vivid and surreal outcome. I initially drew different flamingoes using oil pastel to create a dynamic texture. These drawings were then transformed into two repeat print designs which have been digitally printed onto cotton. I then transformed these two samples into a reverse quilt sample and added red velvet piping to the edges. 

digitally printed bird sample
reverse quilt design showing illustrated flying flamingoes
reverse quilt design- flying flamingoes
The Tea Party

The following samples were inspired by the theme of tea parties. This strand of the project was inspired by one of my muses recalling a dream where she was dancing on the table of a tea party. I wanted to transform this imagery into obscure and bright scenes of table settings. This sample was screen printed at home using different layers with hand-cut stencils. The following samples show another scene that has been created using digital print, screen print and embroidered motifs. 

screen printed scene of a dinner setting
Sample showing tea party setting
embroidered shrimps
Screenprinted bird cage with digitally printed bird
This image shows two of my digital prints which both depict soaring birds
Projected Installation

The final context of this project was to create immersive prints that allow you to step into the narrative being depicted. I have therefore projected my designs to increase the scale of the design. I have also placed my original muse for the project into the scene. This depicts Jemima entering her own utopian world that she dreamt of, which became a key inspiration for some of my prints in the collection

Image showing projection of print design
embroidered label

Utopian Dreams is a textile collection inspired by three close female muses. I became inspired by the recollection of their personal dreams and developed three narratives from this that has fuelled the collection. Each narrative is based on different themes ranging from abstract and obscure floral imagery to scenes of soaring birds.

My initial concept for this collection began with the idea that we are able to escape to other worlds when dreaming, often worlds that juxtapose to ones reality. By selecting ethereal fabrics and using bright and bold colour schemes in my work I was able to create a collection that allows you to escape into alternate utopian worlds.

I have used a variety of techniques within this collection including screen printing, hand-dyeing, digital printing and embroidery. All screen prints have been completed at home using the stencil technique to create bold and vivid imagery. 

The overall concept of my collection was inspired by Francesco Clemente, a contemporary artist who creates large scale installations with vast painted murals. Clemente's works inspired me to create bold immersive prints that can transform a place into an all encompassing environment, allowing you to transport yourself into the dream being depicted on the fabric. For my final showpiece I created an two metre bed canopy. Using both cotton and chiffon I was able to create different illusory effects. The designs on this installation were inspired by my friend Madeleine who dreamt of being amongst vast buildings with soaring birds above her. I have taken this and developed a utopian setting inspired by the imagery that Madeleines recalls.