"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep" -Scott Adams

A statement that not only reflects on my creative process but as an individual. My attitude to brave the mistakes, is one that defines me.

I followed my passion for design from my Art Diploma at Leith School of Art through to my BA Honours Degree at Edinburgh University. Alongside this, my passion for jewellery extends to my work/career focus and I have made considerable steps to work within the jewellery retail sector. 

I enjoy process based work and through my creative development this year I have been captivated by lino and mono printing techniques and how they could push my development work.

I look for a challenge and embrace the mistakes, as to have them is to learn from them. 

Background for my collection

My work this year is a combination of anthropomorphic and fluid design that take inspiration from life drawings, linear lines and repeat patterns. I use line throughout all my work as a way of translating imagery to not only paper but onto metal. "Omneity" has a clear repeat process direction used from drawing to lino printing and finally through to 3D renders. I want the pieces are loved and cherished for not only their thoughtful design proposal but the reminder of how precious time with others are and how important collectiveness is to our society after the events of this past year. My collection features a series of six napkin rings that each are made from a range of materials from copper to glass and also silver. The napkin rings feature a raised textural surface of my lino prints while the forms are taken from the lines developed through my printing and drawing process. Alongside this my work is photographed with my own handmade napkins and tablecloth that also include my lino prints within their design.

print inspo
print inspo
Double Napking ring
print inspo
print inspo
Final Pieces

Final napkin ring designs on handmade napkins and tablecloth

Copper Napkin Ring. Dimensions:
Glass napkin ring
Gold Napkin ring
Going Forward

Going forward, my practise has made me realise how much I enjoy the repetition and process making through lino print. I will be looking to continue this after University. As many of my peers, creating physical objects this year was not possible and I am hopeful that in my next steps following from University I get the opportunity to make some or all of my collection proposed this year.

Alongside this, I have been fortunate enough to find a job within the jewellery industry that will let me develop my skills in coordinating between workshop and customers. As I use the knowledge learnt from the past 3 years to advise in a retail environment as Service Supervisor at Hamilton and Inches