Artist in the land.
Project description

Exploring our intimate connection between the landscape and our bodies through expansive drawing, sensational textiles and beat poetry. This collection investigates the spirit and soul of the East Coast landscape, bringing the hand-tufted and painted creations home to the surroundings that inspired them. Sasha has channeled the cacophony of nature’s impression into a free-flowing hand, the bodily experience captured in the lines and colour of an abstract aesthetic.

These textiles are made without fixed function, the user is encouraged to engage with them as they wish, as it was with the nature that bore them.

This collection is for lovers of the land, for lovers of delicious textiles and paintings, and for just lovers. For people of all ages, all genders, for those that actively support smaller businesses. This collection is for us; consciously consuming and expressing ourselves through our art. 

This project was propelled from one thread to the next through touch-based research. The recorded experiences of fingertips tracing ancient gnarled bark and the high crest of sea grass. Our relationship with surfaces is primal and scarcely considered. For behind our consciousness, we are invited to crawl, to draw our faces down to the earth, to build that intimate connection once more. This universal drive rises in all of us, each mind with their own unique and personal reaction. 

Slowing down and stilling the mind, brings perspective to what matters most.

Collection brought back to the land that inspired it - Arthurs Seat - Traprain Law - Belhaven - Home. Natures elements brought another element to Alexandras work, the shadows and the wind bringing her work to life.

Wonki Wanderings

Glimpses of Alexandra's traveling sketchbook. Taken with her on her walks with the land. Exploring how one page links to the next and their relationship as a whole story.

Sketchbook pages showing abstract landscape - oil pastel, graphite and pencil.
Sketchbook pages showing abstract landscape - oil pastel, graphite and pencil.

Compositions exploring colour, emotion and feeling. Glimpses of lightness - concealed by harsh mark making. Designing and drawing with function in mind - they work which ever way up - the viewer decides. 

Small compositions of the landscape - oil pastel.
Collages of the landscape, moody greys.
Tufted abstract rug

(Above) 102cm x 94 cm - Tufted rug, hand bound - nylon/cotton, wool, linen.


(Bellow Left) 104cm x 75cm - Digital print onto silk.


(Bellow Right) 100cm x 54 cm - Digital print onto silk.


Digital Print onto silk.
Digital Print onto silk.
Tufted element with hand painted linen.

(Above) 22cm x 21cm - Hand painted linen, tufted wool.


Tufted rug and hand painted linen table cloth. Their relationship reflects earlier exploration of sketchbook concept - different textures and qualities coming together in harmony. 

Textiles shown in an interiors setting.

Naturally hand dyed silk from avocado stones, hand painted linen, collaged together with a glimpse of a tufted rug. The bold hand painted lines compliment the subtle lines found within the hand embroidered rug.

Textiles shown in an interiors setting.

Hand painted rug with linear tufted wool lines - glimpses of colour that reflect back to drawings work. Exploring depth and contrast of textures - encouraging body and mind interaction with the surface.

Textiles shown in an interiors setting.

Tufted rug - nylon/cotton, wool, linen, hand bound. Exploring subtle textural differences, focusing on drawing the user in, to trace the lines with ones finger tips.

Textiles shown in an interiors setting.

Hand painted linen. Investigating composition and its effects on the final outcome - through perspective, design layout and mark making. 

Textiles shown in an interiors setting.

Digitally printed silk - shown in half - the full composition is only seen when both curtains are pulled together - encouraging user interaction with the body and the textiles.

Textiles shown in an interiors setting.