Skills & Experience
  • 2D Cut-out Animation
  • Digital Hand Drawn Animation
  • 2D Rigging (Toon Boom Harmony)
  • Freelance Animation
  • Story Boarding
  • CGI (computer generated imagery)
  • 3D Animation
  • Rigging 2D/3D Characters
  • Lighting
  • Rendering
  • Editing
  • Directing
  • Modeling
Politica Trailer

The trailer for my animated short, Politica, which features clips from the film and a score from my composer Chuko Kpolugbo. The visuals were created by utilizing digital 2D animation imported into a 3D environment in the software Adobe After Effects. Due to the film being submitted to film festivals, full viewing of the work can be only seen at the Student Show Case screening.      

My opening shot of my thesis film containing the title.
Film still from Politica
Politica film Still
Film still from Politica
Film still from Politica
Film still from Politica
Film still from Politica
Film still from Politica
Berry Bunny Jump

Original character rig that was animated in Toon Boom Harmony. 

Phonotrope Animation

This Phonotrope was made for a 24 hour animation challenge. Music by JunHee Kim which is titled as "Road Trip". 

Rotoscope Animation

Rotoscoped Ravens for a 24 hour animation challenge. 

Toilet Paper Life

Experimental under-camera animation with toilet paper and pen. Music and sound effects by Enya Liao. 

Parsha Echo

Lip sync animation of a Chabad Rabbi reading the weekly Bible text.  

Female Character Design

Character design for The Game of Karens Kickstater video. I created both a male and female character design for The Game of Karens commercial. 

Video can be watched at: 


Concept Art
Male Concept Art

Male character design for the Game of Karens Kickstarter commercial. 

Concept Art
I Ride 4 Cody Charity

A still from my promotional animation for the Canadian charity, I Ride 4 Cody. The organization raises money for cancer research by riding One Wheels from Montreal, Quebec to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. To view the final animation that was used for the website please click on the Facebook link:  

Advertisement for a Charity
Observational Drawing: Man on Chair

A crucial aspect of animation is practicing observational drawing. These drawings were made with ink and brush.  

Observational Drawing
Observational Drawing: Man Crouching
Observational Drawing
Observational Drawing: Man Reclining
Observational Drawing
Observational Drawing: Man with Mirror
Observational Drawing
Observational Drawing: Half Curled Up
Observational Drawing
Observational Drawing: Hand on Hip
Observational Drawing


From Montreal Canada, Adam Schwartz is an MFA Graduate from Edinburgh College of Arts’ Animation program. Throughout his studies, he explores the compatibility of hand drawn animation in 3D environments to communicate a visual story on screen. 


Project Description 

Adam Schwartz’s thesis film, Politica, explores the angry discord political factions have towards each other in a stylistic British Parliamentary system of government. Utilizing hand drawn and painted digital animation, Adam Schwartz builds a fantasy world whereby creatures with pointy edges are Members of a Parliamentary assembly which takes place in a cave/House of Commons where various parties face off against each other only to be dissolved by their King.